Day hikes in Lage

With our day hikes in Lage you are right in the centre of old trade routes. The active small town is surrounded by traditional agriculture and beautiful villages. The

wide, gently undulating cultural landscape invites you to go hiking and experience unique Johannis stones. Experience Lage!

Have Fun Hiking!

A path around Hörste with various access routes and several play stations for children. The path first leads over the Hörste harrow in the direction of Stapelage. Back it goes over the Hermannsweg to the starting point.

The “Historical hiking trail” in Lage-Hörste has made it its business to make the historical history of Hörste accessible to the interested layman. This is done using the example of the Hörste farms.

Starting from the old parish Stapelage, this path leads you through two striking gorges of the Teutoburger Wald, past the scenic edge of the unique alpine meadow landscape and the waters of the Rethlager springs. On the legendary Hermannsweg it goes back to the starting point.

Through the Dörenschlucht, a natural pass through the crossbar of the Teutoburger Wald towards Detmold, you hike to the Rethlager springs. From here you can quickly reach the ridge of the Teutoburger Wald with the Hermannsweg and hike through dense forest back to Stapelage.