Day hikes in Lemgo

With our day hikes in Lemgo you will experience a historic city with over 800 years of city history. The medieval town centre with richly decorated, magnificent

Stone and half-timbered houses from the late Gothic and Renaissance periods characterise the townscape. Experience culture and nature for relaxation and enjoyment. Experience Lemgo!

Have Fun Hiking!

Already the starting point of the hikes in the district of Brake is a highlight: The castle, built in the Weser Renaissance style, was built on the remains of a castle built in the 12th century by Bernhardt II, the founding father of Lippe, but which was destroyed in 1447 during the Soest feud.

At the Begabrücke, a sign points to the oldest paper mill in Lippe. Today only little points to this mill. Here in the Begagrund some wetlands have been preserved and are protected. They are a place of retreat for many animals, which otherwise have no chance in the landscape formed by humans.

The third mill of our round, the Walkenmühle, which was first mentioned in 1335. In earlier years the Lemgo cloth makers made a water- and windproof cloth here, the Lem’sche Wand, which was of supra-regional importance. Today a cafe invites you to stop here for a break.

The BUND gives a lot of information on boards about the old fruit varieties, a small nature trail. These meadows are the rest of the old castle park where already in 1811 Princess Pauline had a mental hospital built, the Lindenhaus, which was highly modern for that time. Today the buildings are used in a modern way.

The path is mainly well developed. It is suitable for an extensive walk in all seasons. In the last third of the path a part is in the sun, otherwise it leads mostly through deciduous forest

In large bunkers ammunition was stored here. After the war the bunkers were blown up, a part of the ammunition was thrown into the adjacent woods as unexploded ordnance. To this day, the explosive ordnance disposal service is still on the move to track down this ammunition.