Take a trip to the Ice Age. Three mighty erratic granite blocks form the Johannissteine. So far these boulders are only known as important witnesses of the Ice Age – they probably originate from the Aland Islands between the cities Stockholm and Turku (Finland) – far beyond the borders of the Lipperland. In 1990, however, they were declared a ground monument. 15 engravings, 8 modern boreholes and 6 halves of the borehole are the reason why Johannis stones are both a natural monument and a place of prehistoric cult.

Recent research by Wolfgang Lippek also confirms the assumption that Johannis stones are also (pre)early calendars. A dating of the calendar system into the Megalith time (approx. 2500 – 2000 BC) seems plausible, because humans could move stones of this size at this time.

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Demonstration of the winter solstice around 21.12.

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