Nature and city in harmony

You can find one of Lippe’s jewels, Blomberg, situated between the Teutoburger Wald and Weserbergland. Blomberg is an ideal starting point for hikers and cyclists, and, moreover, the Town of Carnations has lots to offer culturally.

Blomberg was the seat of Lippe’s counts during the 12th and 13th centuries. Picturesque corners of this town have retained their romantic, medieval charm from this era. You can see this, for instance, in the town’s historic castle, impressive town hall and mostly well-preserved town walls featuring the Lower Gate (Niederntor) – the only town gate in all of Lippe that has endured.

An extensive forest stretches around the town, offering charming hiking trails and romantic rest areas. One that is exceptionally popular is the Carnations Trail (Nelkenweg), which passes directly by Blomberg’s vineyard.

  • Historic town centre
  • Medieval castle grounds
  • Well-preserved town walls with viewinger tower
  • Marketplace with the 16th-century town hall
  • only remaining town gate in Lippe
  • Abbey church an St Martini’s Tower
  • Historic shoemaker’s workshop
  • Moated castle
  • Nelkenweg (Carnation Trail)
  • Charles Dickens Festival (in December)
  • Durch den Blomberger Stadtwald / Through the Blomberg Town forest, 11,1 km (This hikes begins in the old town of Blomberg, with historic centre featuring quaint timber houses, a castle, town walls and the last surviving medieval town gate in Lippe)
  • Blomberg von nah und fern / Blomberg from near and far, 10,2 km (Experience the historic old town and enjoy nature together)
  • Nelkenweg / Carnations Trail, 43 km (The Carnations Trail, at almost 43 km long, is a stimulating tour arround Blomberg)