Pleasant relaxation and rich experience

If you seeking to relax in nature while on holiday, you will find the perfect location here in Extertal. Our highly varied, compact region of gorgeous, panoramic mountains, narrow ravines, whispering forests, colorful grasslands and well-laid meadows promises you sheer enjoyment of nature and hiking. Reliable signposting and trails leading through stimulating landscape are given here.

Our seven themed trails brong our local history and nature to lige thanks to numerous information boards – a special touch so you can enjoy your hike even more. This goes for families with small children too. The Godparents’ Climb (Patenstein) and Quack Walk (Schnattergang), also know as the Mystical Creatures Trail (Wundersame Wesen Weg), enjoy great popularity among kids.

Our community has a long tradition of hospitality. Hotels, guest houses, holiday aparments and holiday houses meet anyone’s needs. Extertal welcomes “man’s best friend” too.

The historic tourist train and handcar on the old Extertal railway alignment offer a particulary exceptional travel experience.

Rewarding destinations for tourists include the Panorama Experience Tower on the Hohe Asch mountain, the viewing platform on the Steinberg mountain an, for those interested in history, the Steinberg Music Castle (Burg Sternberg) or Uffoburg Pamparts (Wallanlagen).

  • Musiburg Sternberg (Music Castle)
  • Hohe Asch (Panorama Experience Tower)
  • Uffoburg (medieval rampart with the legendary Schlosseiche)
  • Waterfalls in Extertal
  • Schnattergang / Quack Walk, 5 km (The Quack Walk, also known and adored as the Mystical Creatures Trail, is 5 km long and well-marked with colorful, artistic signposts)
  • Patensteig / Godparents’ Climb, 6,4 km (The Godparent’s Trail is one of the most popular hikinh trails in the region and connection three of the four Waterfalls of Extertal.
  • Wilddiebsroute / The Poachers’ Route, 8 km and 12 km (The Poachers’ Route is a hiking trail certified as high quality and follows the tracks of the Silixen Poachers and Wood Thieves)