An old Hanseatic town with living tradition

Come visit the historic Hanseatic town of Lemgo. More than 825 years of town history awaits you here. The extremely well-preserved, medieval town centre with richly decorated and beautiful stone and timber houses (Fachwerkhaus) from the late Gothic and Renaissance eras makes a distinctive mark on the town’s image.

There is much to discover – you can get to know the town more deeply on a guided tour. Experience the diversity and hospitality of Lemgo as well as culture and nature to help you relax and enjoy.

Lemgo has lots to offer by way of sport too: the national league-level players in the TBV Lemgo handball club regularly fill every last seat of the PHOENIX CONTACT arena during home games.

  • Marketplace with the town hall
  • Hexenbürgermeisterhaus (Museum Witch Mayor House)
  • Junkerhaus (Museum Junker House)
  • Weserrenaissance-Museum
  • Schloss Brake (Castle Brake)
  • Shopping town and event restaurants
  • Försterteiche-Staffpark Route, 4,9 km (On a clockwise hike along the trail marked with a tree and an F on a yellow background, we soon reach an idyllic floodplain forest, which we partly cross on wooden footbridges)
  • Eine Wanderung durch die Lemgoer Mark, 5,5 km (If you enjoy the oeace of the forest, its freshcolours an fragrance, you will be able to indulge here)
  • Auf zum Windelstein / Off to Windelstein; 6,4 km (History in action. This circular hiking trail can be travelled in either direction)