Town of the Osterräder fire

In the middle of the diverse hills between the Weserbergland hills and Teutoburger Wald, you find the historic town of Lügde, full of little timber houses (Fachwerkhäuser), directly next to the “Emmer” creek. With a number of districts and numerous attractions, this little town is an ideal destination for nature lovers, history buffs and families.

Lies excited with its historic city center, which is surrounded by the original city wall. The two city towers and the cozy old town lanes bring history to life.

Lügde is known most of all for its Osterräder fire. This centuries-old custom traditionally takes place on Easter Sunday and each year attracts thousands of visitors to Lügde’s gorgeous, historic old town. When night falls, six burning oak wheels, each stuffed with straw, are released from the summit of Osterberg to roll down into the valley.

Ideally, you would discover Lügde and its neighbourhoods on a bike tour or hike. Numerous themed trails such as the BlickWinkel trail offer you an opportunity to explore Lügde’s stimulating nature.

  • Historic old town with town wall and two fortified towers
  • Osterräder (Fire on Easter Sunday)
  • EmmerauenPark (Leisure oasis)
  • Roman-style St. Kilian’s church from 12th century
  • Köterberg (most elevated point in Lippe)
  • Falkenhagen (farmer convent)
  • Stork colony and 1,000-year-old lime tree in Elbrinxen
  • Lügder Mythenweg (Lügde Myth Trail around the Herlingsburg)
  • Sagenhaftes Lügde (GPS-experience trail)
  • Lügder Mythenweg / Myth Trail, 5,1 km ( The treasure of aolony of dwarves, the White Virgin or a retreat for the Cherusci)
  • Panaroma-Tour, 3,8 km (This Trail is a circular trail and, on the A1, does lap of the Köterberg hilltop which, at 496 m, is the most elevated point of the Lippe highlands)
  • BlickWinkel, 36,5 km (A hike with a view up, down and around)