Equipment + luggage

The question about the right equipment for hiking is not easy to answer! It depends on the season and the weather conditions as well as the type and duration of the tour. Furthermore the difficulty of the tour, the ascents on the way and other factors have to be considered! The basic rule is: as little equipment and luggage as possible, as much as you need! The following items belong to the optimal equipment: backpack with rain protection, telescopic poles, mountain boots, sun protection (cream, glasses, hat), snack, water bottle, cash, EC card and AV identification. Don’t forget a regional map, a compass, an altimeter and a small knife.

Have fun with the preparation!

If you want to get from A to B in the “wilderness”, you need one or the other aid. Although experienced hikers can determine the orientation of the sky based on the position of the sun, a compass is still essential. It is important that the compass has a transparent bottom so that it can be placed on a map. Of course, the compass should also be equipped with a rotating can, because only then can it be optimally aligned.

A reasonable hiking map is especially useful in a foreign environment. Here, depending on the hiking area, different maps are available. Common scales of hiking maps are: 1:25.000 and 1:50.000. We recommend the scale of 1:25.000, as here, more details can be seen.

Different weather conditions simply require functional clothing. Functional underwear is breathable and absorbs a lot of sweat. For those who want to go hiking in the colder months, we recommend thermal underwear. They keep the body warm.

rainwear is a MUST. Who likes to run around with wet clothes. Here a jacket with a water column (water density of at least 4,000 mm) is useful. The higher the water column, the less water penetrates the material.

When you buy hiking boots, you should pay particular attention to a good fit. Walk around with them already in the shop. If you notice an uncomfortable spot somewhere that could make it difficult for you to walk, then it is advisable to try a different pair of walking shoes.

You also have to eat when you go hiking. Here we recommend a “cookware complete set”. Such a set consists of a cooker, various pots with lids, often also a pan and a cutting board. The material should be made of aluminium, as this is particularly light and conducts heat well. You should always have a lighter or matches with you, as well as cutlery, of course.

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