Health + Wellness in the Land des Hermann

“Germany’s Healing Garden” – this is how the holiday paradise in and around the Teutoburger Wald is often called. Hardly any other region in Germany is home to as many spas and health resorts as the picturesque area around the Teutoburger Wald, the Egge, the Wiehen and Weser mountains. These are represented by traditional spas such as Bad Salzuflen and Bad Meinberg, Kneipp spas such as Detmold-Hiddesen and Schieder-Schwalenberg or the climatic spas Holzhausen-Externsteine and Lage-Hörste. There is a reason for this abundance. For the region is a geological stroke of luck: when the ridges of the Teutoburg Forest and Eggegebirge mountain ranges unfolded millions of years ago and the rivers sought their course, powerful fractures and distortions occurred inside the earth’s crust in our region. As a result, water rich in minerals penetrated from great depths to the earth’s surface – and continues to rise to this day. Early on, people recognized the healing power of these springs. They relieve a variety of ailments. And all this in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany. Enjoy and relax in the Land des Hermann – the “Heilgarten Deutschlands”!

Healthy in the healing garden of Germany!