Quality hiking trails

The quality trails “Wanderbares Deutschland” are hiking trail s awarded by the German Hiking Association, for which there are Germany-wide standards. These standards are the foundation stone for an impressive hiking experience. Hikers want varied and panoramic hiking trails in natural surroundings, reliable markings, and a good view of the surrounding countryside as well as a good infrastructure at the hiking trail. The German Hiking Association has developed quality criteria for hiking trails in order to meet the wishes of hikers. These criteria make the attractiveness of a hiking trail measurable. You can find further information on the “Quality Trail” label here.

Have fun hiking!

The Hermannshöhen are two seamlessly merging hiking trails (Hermannsweg and Eggeweg), which offer a network of a total of 226 km of pure hiking pleasure.

The two ridge trails, the Eggeweg and the Hermannsweg, are routes rich in tradition on which the ancient Germanic tribes walked. Connected by the Hermannshöhen are three popular holiday regions: the Sauerland in the south, the Münsterland in the north and the Teutoburger Wald in the middle.

Discover how beautiful the world can be between stress-free nature parks and urban jewels. Enjoy wonderful views of a vast landscape, explore impressive rock formations and experience places steeped in history.

Hermannsweg – cultural trail for explorers

The 156 km long Hermannsweg is considered one of the most beautiful high-altitude trails in Germany. It runs over the ridge of the Teutoburg Forest through the two nature parks “TERRA.vita” and “Teutoburger Wald | Eggegebirge”. Its name derives from Hermann the Cheruscan, who defeated the Roman commander Varus in 9 AD and defeated three Roman legions.

Eggeweg – hiking trail for nature lovers

From north to south the Eggeweg crosses the Eggegebirge and always leads over the ridge of the mountains. Over a length of 70 km, this trail, the first “quality trail Wanderbares Deutschland”, connects the Teutoburger Forest in the north with the Sauerland in the south.

High above the Hermannshöhen

In addition to the beauty of the nature park, the ridge hiking trails of the Teutoburg Forest and Eggegebirge Mountains are characterized by important sights and diverse traces of history and culture.

Price: from 389.00 EUR per person in a double room
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Without luggage on the Eggeweg

Magnificent views await you on your hike along the award-winning Eggeweg. While you cover the 72 kilometres of the ridge trail in 3 day stages, your luggage will be driven to your next host.

Price: from 269,00 EUR per person
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3 days – short and good

Hike a section of the Hermannshöhen and enjoy nature in abundance, idyllic valleys and lively streams

Price: from 199.00 EUR per person
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The Hansaweg, which was created as early as 1930, is a 75 km long hiking trail through the northern Lippe mountains landscape, which is maintained by the Teutoburger-Wald-Verein. It connects the Hanseatic cities of Herford, Lemgo and Hameln – already member cities of the Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages and still today active cities in the Westphalian and international Hanseatic network.

The Hansaweg begins at Herford railway station and leads first along the Werre River, before it climbs to the Bismarck Tower with its panoramic views. Passing the Bad Salzufler Kurpark the viewpoint Hühnerwiem is reached. The Hansaweg is a high-altitude trail that constantly offers new views. In Lemgo, a detour to the old town is recommended.

In Dörentrup the highest point of the hike is reached at 395m on the Steinberg. A 360° panoramic view of the region opens up here on a clear day. Friends of culture will later make a small detour to Sternberg Castle. Another highlight awaits the hiker above Bösingfeld.

The Hohe Asch lookout tower is located directly on the Hansaweg, on whose platform three panorama boards provide information about the destinations on the horizon. Varied, sometimes through the open Feldmark, sometimes through wooded areas, the Hansa Trail continues in the direction of the Weser.

After more than 75 kilometres of hiking, the end of the Hansa Trail is reached at the Klütturm. Well-marked trails lead from here to the pied piper town of Hameln.

Hiking on the Hansaweg
The hike on the Hansaweg is varied and takes you through open Feldmark, forest areas and over hills further and further towards the Weser.

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On the 17 km long ClimateExperienceRoute Velmerstot you will learn a lot about the effects of weather, climate and air quality on your body. In addition, we give you a few suggestions for physical self-awareness. Another focus is climate change with its consequences for nature, land use and people. We will show you developments in the landscape that will show you how we are already reacting to climate change.

Along the ClimateExperienceRoutes the fascinating interactions of climate, nature and human health are made visible and experienced. Here you will learn, among other things, how the climate conditions of historical times are still reflected in the landscape today and how today’s climate conditions influence not only the flora and fauna but also mankind. In addition, you can expect an outlook on how the landscape of the nature park will probably change with the current climate change.

Lying limestones or oak trunks, which are provided with a sequential numbering, point to climate phenomena at the wayside. In the accompanying hiking guide there are then detailed descriptions and explanations to these experience points. A total of 18 of these marked points are along the route around Velmerstot. The core theme is climate change and its influence on the landscape and people.

Certified as a quality trail “Wanderbares Deutschland”, the Velmerstot route leads up to the highest elevation in the Eggegebirge, the Velmerstot. Descent through the Silberbachtal valley

The Velmerstot route, which has been certified as a quality route since September 2017, begins in the village of Leopoldstal. From there it goes up to the highest elevation in the Eggegebirge, the Velmerstot. A twin summit with a sandstone obelisk and the Eggeturm. From this 17 metre high wooden construction you can enjoy a panoramic view over the Hermann’s land to the Brocken and the Soester Börde.

The Lippische Velmerstot (approx. 441 m) lies, as the name already says, in the Lipperland and the Prussian Velmerstot (approx. 464 m) in the former country Prussia.

Velmerstot means by the way the steep slope of Feldrom (Stot = steep slope).

Today the borders of the districts Lippe, Paderborn and Höxter meet here. The way down leads to the Silberbach. Its Kerbtal valley, impressively shaped by nature, is one of the most popular hiking areas in the nature park.

Let yourself be enchanted and guided by the quietly rippling Silberbach.

The Leistrup Wald is one of the most species-rich forests in Lippe. Deciduous trees such as beech, alder and oak belong to the dense tree population. The substrate consists of sandstone and clay.

Due to the water-storing properties of the clay layer, there are countless ponds, springs and streams here. History can also be felt here. For example, the Leistrup Wald Route passes a 3,500-year-old stone hill grave with a diameter of about eight metres.

The so-called sacrificial stones, assigned to a ritual background, can also be found along the way. However, the real highlight of the circular trail is the forest adventure trail, which was built in 2015.

Eleven stations on a wide variety of themes invite young and old to try out and discover. Here there is a lot of news about the forest and its inhabitants.

but also sensory and perception tasks have to be mastered. At some stations you have to test your skills or compete with forest dwellers – fun for the whole family.

Deceleration and at the same time action in the wonderful nature are not mutually exclusive on this hike!

Oerlinghausen is richly blessed with archaeological sites. Equipped with an archaeological backpack, you will embark on a tour that is easy for any family to master and on which children will be kept in good spirits through stimulating hands-on activities. Together with your horde, you can borrow a rucksack for a deposit at the Archaeological Open Air Museum, which contains little surprises for in between. Materials for building a stone time knife, a game of dice made from sheep’s foot bones or utensils for grinding grain. Recommended minimum age: 6 years.

If you want to look into the distance, you have to hike the Tönsbergrundweg in Oerlinghausen. The circular trail is one of the oldest hiking trails on the Tönsberg in Oerlinghausen.

The circular trail is easy to walk on and offers wonderful views in all directions. With a refreshing break at the water treading pool you can be back at the starting point after about 2 1/2 hours. The trail leads past the old vicarage. Here are two wonderful natural monuments, the parish bark and an old ash tree. An old village fountain with sandstone border reminds of the time without central water supply in Oerlinghausen. In the course of the hike there is always a wonderful view in south direction to the Paderborn and Sauerland regions. You hike through the beautiful mixed forest past the water treading pool, where the Sachsenquelle springs on the southern slope of the Tönsberg. The spring is part of the ground monument “Wallburg Tönsberg”. In the further course you reach below the Hünenkapelle a vantage point with spectacular panoramic views. Also the further course to the north offers again and again wonderful views and insights!

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