Oh! Kinder Erlebniswelt Natur

Directly at the gates of Detmold there is a concentrated load of adventure offers suitable for children: In the corridor from the Hermannsdenkmal to the Prussian Velmerstot there are nine diverse attractions that will amaze children. The whole family will be thrilled by the bird park, open-air museum, climbing park and the eagle station. But also tourist attractions such as the Hermannsdenkmal and Externsteine are very popular with the children. And there are unique accesses to nature on the short, varied hikes in Silberbachtal or to Falkenburg and Velmerstot on top. For children, the discovery tour with the accompanying collection pass is really exciting! At each adventure station the visit is recorded by punching in the collection pass.

Have fun exploring!

From the Hermannsdenkmal, the OH! 1 path, which is approx. 3 kilometres long, leads steadily downhill towards Detmold. Among the attractions along the way are the Hühnenring, an old rampart in Roman times, and the brook in Friedensthal, which is especially interesting for children.

From the Hermannsdenkmal, the OH! 2 path, which is about 2 kilometres long, leads steadily downhill towards Heiligenkirchen. Among the attractions along the way are the beautiful views over the Teutoburger Wald.

From the bird park, the approx. 1.6 kilometre long OH! 3 trail leads along a scenic route in the direction of Berlebeck. Among the attractions along the way, besides the beautiful view, is a large playground that invites children to play.

Beim OH! 4 Weg handelt es sich um einen Rundweg, der in Berlebeck startet und in Richtung der historischen Falkenburg führt.

Vom Wanderparkplatz an der Paderborner Straße “Abzweig: An der Pyramideneiche” in Berlebeck, führt der insgesamt ca. 5,5 Kilometer lange OH! 4 Weg auf aussichtsreichen Pfaden in Richtung Falkenburg. Entlang des Weges gibt zudem einige Bachläufe und man sehr dicke und alte Bäume entdecken.

Die Falkenburg, die nach ca. 2,5 Kilometern erreicht wird, ist eine von insgesamt 8 Erlebnisstationen der KinderErlebniswelt Natur, einem Projekt des Naturparks Teutoburger Wald/Eggegebirge.

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