Active in the Land des Hermann | Teutoburger Wald

Right in the middle of it and not outside of it – Lippe’s exciting landscapes open up to the viewer by moving within them. This can be done contemplatively and thus very intensely on cobblestones or very stately on the back of a horse, as the Lippe princes once enjoyed it. Those who need more movement can use muscle power to drive a bicycle, a trolley or a boat. If you are on the road with us, you have a lot to expect, because the way is the goal and we don’t only have a lot to do with that here especially many, but also exceptionally beautiful. Not far from the Hermann Monument is the WALK Hiking Competence Centre. Here you can expect exciting exhibitions about nature, region and hiking. The WALK is not only the ideal starting point for wonderful hikes and bike tours through Lippe, but also the crossroads of the first long-distance routes in Europe: the E1 and the R1. If you want to hike in Europe, you should start at the WALK Hiking Competence Centre in Lippe.

Erleben Sie die Natur aktiv im Land des Hermann!