The Prince’s Story: Season 4

Episode 1: Fresh breeze: Bad Salzuflen

Time for relaxation, health and fresh salt in the air – at the Kneipp spa Bad Salzuflen you can really enjoy yourself. And that’s what we do in this episode of the Prince’s Story together with Prince Stephan zur Lippe! In a conversation with the spa director of Salzuflen, Prince Stephan makes it clear what is so special about this place.

Episode 3: Mysterious and always new – the Residenzschloss Detmold

Best of Castle in the Prince’s Story: We accompany Prince Stephan on a tour of his personal realm: the old residence castle in Detmold, his home. At this mysterious place, even for the prince, there is always something new to discover – even entire rooms! We are allowed to accompany Prince Stefan through the chambers where Kaiser Wilhelm was already a guest.

Episode 2: True Treasures: The state spas of Lippe

Also in this episode of the Price’s Story everything revolves around the healing power of salt and water. We stay with Prince Stephan in Bad Salzuflen and make a detour to Bad Meinberg. The two state baths were founded by the Prince’s family and Prince Stephan introduces us to the centuries-old healing tradition.

Episode 4: Of trophies and tourists: The hunting room

What this is all about, we learn from Prince Stephan – and we start into the last episode of the fourth season of our Prince’s Story. The Prince leads us to the hunting room of the princely residence castle in Detmold. We discover deer, wild boars and even an elk here and also learn something about Prince Stephan’s very personal view of the hunt.