Projects in the Land des Hermann

The federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia is supporting new ideas to increase tourist interest in Lippe with a sum of 2.1 million euros. Out of 100 project proposals, 55 were considered worthy of support. Lippe was the most successful East-Westphalians Lippe. The “” project brings tourist information to guest rooms, more precisely on 1,000 screens. The guests of the region receive over it information to the routistic goals, current leisure offers and meetings by means of a set Top box. With the project “Master plan Hermannsdenkmal” the district of Lippe would like to push for a reorientation of the monument area, which is to be modernised and upgraded for tourism. The project “Marketingmaßnahmen Kompetenzzentrum Wandern” (Hiking Competence Centre) is intended to increase the significance of the Teutoburg Forest in the areas of hiking and health tourism. The project “NaTourEnergie” combines tourism and ecology in the region. Together with the “Innovation Centre for Electric Mobility and Renewable Energy in Rural Areas”, touristically attractive hiking and cycling tours will be developed, thus connecting the places worth seeing.

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