The Prince’s Story: Season 2

Episode 1: Family ties: The Dutch Royal Family

Hartelijk Welkom in het oude Vorstendom Lippe! – Welcome to the old Principality of Lippe! This episode of our Prince Story is about the deep connection of the Princely Family to the Dutch Royal House. In addition, Stephan Prince zur Lippe explains to us which tasks he sees for himself as Prince and the Princely Family today.

Episode 3: Brake Castle (Schloß Brake) – former residence of the Counts of Lippe

The next destination of the Prince’s Story – Brake Castle: Over 800 years of turbulent history in the Lippe region characterise this magnificent building. For centuries it was the preferred residence of the Counts of Lippe – the ancestors of Prince Stephan. Today it is the seat of the Lippe regional association and also houses the Weser Renaissance Museum. The Prince takes us on a personal tour of the exhibition rooms.

Episode 2: The Hermannsdenkmal – most famous landmark of the region

In this episode of the Prince’s Story with Stephan Prince zur Lippe we visit one of the most famous travel destinations in Europe: the Hermann Monument (Hermannsdenkmal) – heart of the Prince’s homeland and starting point of the history of the Lippe region. And Prince Stephan also tells us his very personal connection to the landmark of the region.

Episode 4: Detmold – City of Culture at the Teutoburger Wald

For this episode of the Prince’s Story Stefan Prince zur Lippe accompanies us on a sightseeing tour through his hometown Detmold, the cultural city at the Teutoburger Wald. Strolling across the weekly market, enjoying a cappuccino between the half-timbered houses, lots of green and lots of water – this is also what makes Detmold so special. And then there is a very special inhabitant, who is even photographed by Prince Stephan.