Day hikes in Augustdorf

With our day hikes in Augustdorf you can enjoy wide views, blooming heath landscapes, fragrant pine forests, the song of crickets and larks, deep stream gorges,

the dunes of the Senne, semi-wild living horses and the beech-studded mountain ranges of the Teutoburger Wald. Experience Augustdorf!

Have Fun Hiking!

On the dune path, which is about 4 km long, the protected area of European rank can be hiked.

oak planks illustrate the transition from one landscape area to the next. Installations highlight individual features of the dune field, open views and make the landscape as a whole tangible. The exciting information on plants, animals, landscape and the history of the dunes’ formation is also available as a GPS experience path for smartphones and tablets.

The trail leads you through various nature reserves with different vegetation. The view from the Sennerandweg / Lönspfad leads to the south and southwest into the Senne (“Sinedi” = old heath land). The circular hiking trail is marked in both directions O.

The Furlbach is considered to be one of the most beautiful alpine streams. On this romantic hiking tour through the nature reserve, you will sometimes walk directly along the banks, sometimes high above the banks and always on winding paths through the varied forest.

The 14.6 km long Furlbach flows through the valley. The Furlbach is a tributary of the Ems. The nature reserve is almost completely forested with oaks, beeches, birches, alders and pines.