Day hikes in Schieder-Schwalenberg

With our day hikes in Schieder-Schwalenberg you will experience nature in abundance. The half-timbered villages have always been an attraction.

In the beautiful low mountain range landscape you will also find the SchiederSee, which offers more than “just” a lake view. Experience Schieder-Schwalenberg!

Have Fun Hiking!

The circular hiking trail “Schwalenberger Wald und Mörth” offers the varied nature and landscape of the Schwalenberg Forest over a total of 17.1 km. As a starting point you can alternatively choose the car park at the cemetery Schieder (Unter den Eichen) or the car park in Schwalenberg Mengersenstraße on the L 827 / L 886. Whereby you should take your time to visit the old town of Schwalenberg with its well restored half-timbered buildings.

The long and wide mountain ridge between Schieder and Schwalenberg with its beech, oak and spruce stands is criss-crossed by streams and gorges on the slopes and rises to 446 m above sea level. On its broad plateau is the “Mörth”, whose name derived from “Moor” refers to the former raised bog.

The local circular hiking trail A4 runs across the Schützenplatz and along a part of the Dohlenberg. Over the crest of the Eikerberg you walk around the meadows and the valley of the Köterbach. Along the Hoffeld, around the Brugberg, you will come back to your starting point.

Burgbergweg A1:

This is a circular route around the 13th century Schwalenberg Castle with a magnificent view over Schwalenberg to the heights of the Teutoburg Forest and the Egge Mountains. Start and finish is at the Volkwin fountain (historic town centre). Special vantage points: “Malereiche” and “Grafenblick.

Stadtwasser A2:

The Stadtwasserweg is a circular path that runs below the castle along the Stadtwasser to the Magdalenen spring. The town water seems to flow uphill. A technical masterpiece for the drinking water supply in the Middle Ages.