Gedenkstätte Frenkel-Haus

The Frenkel-Haus presents a biographical exhibition on the history of the Jewish Frenkel family. On the basis of historical photos, documents and the few preserved exhibits the history of the family is told, from the immigration into the city in 1862 to the deportation in 1942.

The second part of the exhibition, redesigned in 2012, is dedicated to the biography and work of Holocaust survivors and contemporary witness Karla Raveh, née Frenkel. She was born in Lemgo in 1927 and has been living in Israel since 1949. For more than 25 years Karla Raveh came every year for several months to her native town Lemgo, where she has been an honorary citizen since 1988. She was a contemporary witness and above all sought to talk to students. In recognition of her commitment, the comprehensive school of the district of Lippe in Lemgo bears the name “Karla Raveh Comprehensive School”.

The rear building has been converted into living and working spaces for artists sponsored by the STAFF Foundation Lemgo and the City of Lemgo as part of the Young Art Scholarship.

Sa – Sun: 15.00-17.00 hrs

Special openings for school classes and groups by arrangement.

15. Dec.-15. Jan. of each year closed.

Gedenkstätte Frenkel-Haus
Echternstraße 70, 32657 Lemgo
Tel.: +49 5261 213276
Gedenkstätte Frenkel-Haus