Old shoemaker’s workshop

Earlier on everyone’s lips – the Blomberger shoemakers and their cobbler lantern. You can find out what this is all about in the permanent exhibition of the Blomberg Heimatverein in the city library. It shows the reconstructed interior of a shoemaker’s workshop around 1900 and provides information on the economic and social history of this old craft.

From the 17th to the 20th century, no profession was more frequently represented in Blomberg than the cobbler. Around 1800 there were about 100 master shoemakers who sold their products on the markets of the neighbouring cities. The half-timbered house in which the municipal library is located was inhabited by tanners and shoemakers. In the year 1763 the large hall house was built and restored by the city of Blomberg in 1985.

In the shoemaker’s workshop, set up according to the traditional model, one can follow the production and repair of shoes as well as the necessary manual and machine work. One learns all kinds of things about shoes and the Prasse family, which has a 250-year tradition in the shoemaking trade and owned the only shoe factory.

Further special events related to the shoemaking trade will take place throughout the year within the exhibition.

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