Village Museum Schlangen and Old Forge Mötz

The village museum Schlangen was established in the “Haus Fischer” built in 1889 from limestone quarry stone as a local history museum.

The Heimat- und Verkehrsverein Schlangen maintains and operates the museum on a voluntary basis with the aim of keeping alive the knowledge of the history of the large community of Schlangen, the living conditions and the laborious working methods of its ancestors. More than 5,000 objects on agriculture, house slaughtering and old crafts can be seen as well as food production with bakery and brewery.

The Alte Schmiede Mötz was built in 1814. The blacksmith and shoeing master Richard Mötz operated it until 1975. 30 years later the blacksmith’s shop was included in the museum program of the village museum. The original equipment is still completely available.

Village Museum
every 3rd Sunday of the month from 15.00-18.00, also to the Schlänger Markt (end of October) and by appointment.

Old forge
on the second Sunday in September (Open Monument Day) from 15.00-18.00, and by appointment.

Dorfmuseum Schlangen
Rosenstraße 11 (im Bürgerhaus), 33189 Schlangen
Tel.: +49 5252 973261

Die Alte Schmiede Mötz
Langetalstraße 4, 33189 Schlangen
Tel.: +49 5252 973261