Burgmuseum Horn

A visit to the city history museum shows how Horn has developed as a city from the Middle Ages to the present day. History can be experienced both from the inside and the outside, as the rooms are located in Horn Castle, one of the oldest residences of the noblemen of the Lippe.

The departments of the museum present different topics City and economic history of Horn, 16 two-handed swords from the 16th century and ring armour of the battle swordsmen, castle history in a room especially designed for children as an adventure area, the red hall as well as background information on the Externsteine.

The ramparts illustrate the fortified character of the castle in the outdoor area. Educational offers for children and school classes as well as festivities complete the museum’s range of activities.

Fr – Sun: 14.00-17.00
Admission is free.

Guided tours can be booked at any time.

Burgmuseum Horn
Burgstraße 13, 32805 Horn Bad Meinberg/ OT Horn
Tel.: 05234 201200
Burgmuseum Horn