Wild, romantic und authentic Senne

Senne and Augustdorf – an inextricable connection. From here you can take your pick of countless day trip options by foot or bike into the breathtakingly majestic landscape that leads up to the Hermann Heights (Hermannshöhen).

Enjoy the far-reching views, blossoming heaths, fragrant pine forests, sound of barbecues and larks, deep gorges containing streams, the Senne’s dunes, semi-wild horeses and beech-lined hils of the Teutoburger Wald.

Augustdorf was founded in 17775 by Simone August, Count of Lipe. The community occupies one of Europe’s most prestigious landscape. It is home to the Senner horses, one of Germany’s oldest horse breeds. Today Augustdorf is a growing, family-friendly community with the youngest population in all of North-Rhine-Westphalia.

  • Dörenschlucht (pass)
  • Furlbachtal (conservation area)
  • GPS experience trail
  • Senne (major conservation area)
  • Augustdorfer Dünenfeld (dunes)
  • environmental education centre Senne
  • Dünenpfad Augustdorf, 4,1 km (On the Dune Trail, around 4 km long, you can explore a conservation area of relevance to all Europe)
  • Rundweg Augustdorf, 20 km (This circular trail leads you through various conservationareas with different habitats)
  • Wild and Romantic Furlbachtal, 7,5 km (This Furlbachtal is considered one of the most beatiful streams in the Senne)