The animals’ village (Das Dorf der Tiere)


Our small corner of Hermann’s Country (Land des Hermann) punches above its weight and we invite you to explore it – even by yourself – on our Views Trail (Weg der Blicke), Hanseatic League Trail (Hansaweg) or one of our local circular trails. Learn more at www.wanderregion-nordlippe.de

The welcoming village of Schwelentrup is situated beneath Sternberg Castle, nestled among great forests characterised by mature beech and oak trees.

“Village, human and animal unity” is this community’s motto, and is fitting given the special role that animals and nature play. Here you can experience old, endangered breeds of farm animals.

Learn more at www.das-dorf-der-tiere.de.

The Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen castle and estate is gifted with unique architecture, making it one of the most stunning buildings in Weser Renaissance style.

Enjoy an idyllic rural retreat and experience nature in a stimulating landscape on farms, in friendly, rural hotels or in comfortable holiday residences with fantastic hospitality. Our hoteliers also welcome dogs as guests.

  • Schloss & Gut Wendlinghausen (castle & estate)
  • Alt-Sternberg (hill fort ruins from 9th – 11th centuries)
  • Steinberg (conservation area with viewing point)
  • Wildbeobachtungsplattform (Wildlife watching platform)
  • Innovation Centre for Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energies in Ruels Areas
  • Rund um die Pottkuhle /Lap around Pottkule Lake, 4,3 km (This circular trail leads through the Pottkuhle Lake landscape park)
  • Rund um den Lühberg / Lap around Lühberg, 8,4 km (The circular Trail leads through the woods and meadows around the Lühberg)
  • Schwelentruper Höhenweg / Schwelentruper Heights Trails, 8,9 km (The Trail takes you to the Steinberg mountain, home to a former rocket station at an elevation of 396 m, via idyllic, narrow passes)