In the middle of it and with lots of culture and nature all around

Lage lies right in the middle of Lippe, in the centre of ancient trading routes. This active town is surrounded by traditional agriculture and gorgeous villages.

Closely connected with Lage was the brick production. The brick houses and the Ziegler Fountain, which developed with the flourishing of this craft around 1845, keep this tradition as lively as the LWL-industrial museum Ziegelei Lage (LWL-Industriemuseum Ziegelei Lage).

Lage also has an impressive amount to offer with its landscape. The wide, slightly wavy, cultivated landscape invites you to take a hike on the Hermann Trail (Hermannsweg) or a bike ride along the Werre. The (Johannissteine) boulders are a unique natural and cultural monument.

  • Kirchdorf Heiden (church village)
  • Johannissteine (natural monument)
  • Schloss Iggenhausen (Castle Iggenhausen)
  • Senne-Randweg (Senne Border Trail)
  • LWL-Industriemuseum Ziegelei Lage (LWL-Industrial Museum)
  • Wilhelmsburg (Castle)
  • Clara-Ernst-Platz (Community Centre)
  • Historischer Wanderweg / Historical Hiking Trail, 8 km (The mission behing this trail in Lage-Hörste is to make the history of Hörste accesible for laymen with an interest in the area.
  • Wappenweg / Coat of Arms Trail, 36,7 km (This trail takes you around Lage and is approximately 37 km long)
  • Familienwanderung / Family Hike, 11,8 km (A trail around Hörste with multiple access ponts and playgrounds for children)