Lofty, majestic views for first-class recreation

Located in Western Lippe, the loveable mountain town of Oerlinghausen extends around the Tönsberg ridge. It has enchanted its guests since the end of the 19th century with the exceptional fl air of its historic old town, its heritage-listed, bourgeois houses, craftsman cottages and dry stone walls.

Oerlinghausen offers culture, sport, nature and relaxation in one historic setting – as well as a stunning low mountain range on the edge of the Senne region. The Oerlinghausen Air Sport Centre – an airfield with the most glider take-offs per year worldwide – and the Open-Air Archaeological Museum enjoy great popularity as recreational activities.

Furthermore, Oerlinghausen is part of the Senne Major Conservation Project (Naturschutzgroßprojekt) and Teutoburger Wald – two majestic, stimulating landscapes. Take a trip to Oerlinghausen – it’s worth it!

  • Glider airfield and Air Sport Centre
  • Archäologisches Freilichtmuseum (Open-Air Archaeological Museum)
  • Naturschutzgroßprojekt Senne (Major Conservation Project and Teutoburger Wald)
  • Wallburg Tönsberg (windmill remain)
  • Lönsdenkmal (Monument)
  • Tönsberg (334 m)
  • St. Alexander’s Church
  • Eidechsenpfad / Lizard Trail, 5,9 km (This Trail takes you along rich and varied path from Open-Air Museum to the exeptional sights of Naturschutzgroßprojekt Senne und Teutoburger Wald)
  • Ochsentour / Ox Tour, 12 km (This Trail takes you along the tracks of semi-wild-forest cattle and wild horses in the wood pasture area near Oerlinghausen)
  • Tönsbergblick / Tönsberg View, 7 km (If youwould like a view that stretchers into the horizon, the Tönsberg View on Oerlinghausen ist he one for you)