Day hikes in Barntrup

With our day hikes in Barntrup you will discover a well-developed network of hiking trails away from noisy traffic, shady forest paths, ponds and barbecue areas

with shelters. Experience nature and landscape enjoyment embedded between Weserbergland and Teutoburger Wald. Experience Barntrup.

Have Fun Hiking!

A worthwhile destination for hiking and art lovers is the Barntrup art trail with well over 20 art objects installed at prominent points. The art trail is therefore not a hiking trail in the true sense of the word.

The art trail leads along mostly paved forest and farm tracks through the extensive forest areas south of Barntrup. The section along the Hahnebach ponds is particularly recommended. The historic town centre, which the path partly crosses, is also interesting. The sculptures made of stone, metal or wood tell partly also something about the history of the town of Barntrup. Each object is provided with an information board, which gives information about the place of installation and the artist.

The hiking trail is located south of Alverdissen in the Northern Lippe Mountains. It runs for approx. 11 km through open but hilly terrain, through spruce and beech forests, over striking, scenically varied viewpoints and through gentle valleys.
A man was supposed to pay 200 Thaler, which he had borrowed from a loan shark. However, he could not pay the bill, whereupon he sadly left the stone in the “Helle”.

After a year the man returned to the stone in the “Helle” and called for Anton – in vain. After quite a while another dwarf appeared. He says: “Anton is dead. Just go home quietly and keep your money.”

The 6.3-kilometer-long badger path, which is signposted with the badger symbol, requires a little bit of stamina.

It leads through extensive mixed forests and meadows over hill and dale and offers beautiful views of Alverdissen and Bösingfeld in between. Well constructed forest paths alternate with narrow paths and provide a varied hiking experience. Benches invite you to rest.