Day hikes in Blomberg

Our day hikes in Blomberg take you through an extensive forest area with its beautiful hiking trails and romantic resting places. The Lippe jewel

Blomberg, situated between the Teutoburg Forest and the Weserbergland, is simply an ideal starting point for hikes. Experience Blomberg!

Have Fun Hiking!

The feeder paths 5 and 6 lead through charming landscapes with views, through beech forests and along the Diestel stream. The first part of the hike is demanding, the second is easy to walk.

Experience the historic old town and enjoy nature together. Family-friendly hiking tour from Blomberg in the direction of Hurn, via Holstenhöfen to Nassengrund and back to the historic old town.

Visit the Blomberg castle on the way. A visit to the oldest Blomberg building, the Martiniturm, is also possible by appointment.

Family-friendly hiking tour from Blomberg in the direction of Bexten, at the “Grundschule am Paradies” the path leads along a field and a forest, further on in the direction of Blomberg “Paradies”.

The tour starts at the parking lot Holstenhöfener Straße in Blomberg. From there it goes past the former Dutch police station, in the direction of the former Dutch school, which is now called “Grundschule am Paradies”.

At the “Grundschule am Paradies” the path leads uphill along a field. At the summit it goes back again along a forest in the direction of Blomberger “Paradies”. Arrived at the “Paradies”, cross the road and walk towards the city wall. Passing the Blomberger vineyard, which is called “Nelkenstädter Paradiesblick”, you can have a little refreshment in the castle Blomberg or visit the historical old town.