Day hikes in Detmold

With our day hikes in Detmold you will discover the cultural and natural city. As a city of culture Detmold has made a name for itself beyond the borders.

Located in the Teutoburger Wald | Eggegebirge nature park, Detmold is simply worthwhile for nature lovers. Discover the variety of culture and nature. Discover Detmold!

Have Fun Hiking!

This 5.5 km long round tour overlaps in some parts with the Hermanns- and Kaiser- Wilhelm- Weg. Altogether 298 meters of altitude difference have to be overcome. In addition, this circular hike offers many impressive views of the Bielsteinsender and the Werre Valley, among others.
This 6.4 km long hiking route offers beautiful views of several bodies of water and other natural beauty and rarities. There will be a maximum difference in altitude of only about 70 meters without steep ascents or descents. The hiking route is often lined with benches. Obligatory elements of a hiking trail, such as long-distance fishing, information boards on hiking trails, flora and fauna, as well as refreshment facilities are available. The route gives you the opportunity to visit a large number of waypoints at regular intervals. Look also off the hiking trails to benefit from the full experience of this hike.

Along the hiking route, which starts at the parking lot at the Donoper Teich, you will pass waters such as the Hasselbach Reservoir, Donoper Teich, Blauer See or Krebsteich and have the opportunity to spend a few quiet minutes at the idyllic lakes. You can also enjoy the opportunity to include mounds and the only high moor in the Teutoburg Forest “Hiddeser Bent” as a worthwhile waypoint in your hike. Numerous beautiful viewpoints will accompany you on your way. Further sights are the former 150 year old shooting ranges, which served generations of military and police units for practice.

A scenically worth seeing round tour of a good 11 km long. This is a somewhat more challenging hike, as you always hike at altitudes of around 300m and overcome a total of approx. 454 metres in altitude. Partly you hike on the popular long-distance hiking trail “Hermannsweg”.

Then you reach the triple-river stone. This stone is intended to appeal to people’s environmental awareness to conserve and protect our water resources and also serves as a marker where the water catchment areas of the Rhine, Ems and Weser meet.


The next waypoint is the Bielstein with the Bielstein transmitter. The almost 300m high radio transmitter supplies the region Ostwestfalen Lippe. At the end – almost at your destination – you will see the remains of two fortified castles on the Grotenburg: the small and large Hünenring.