Day hikes in Dörentrup

With our day hikes in Dörentrup you will discover the village of animals. Explore this small but beautiful part of the “Land of Hermann” on your own. In a

scenic landscape you will experience pure nature and idyll. Experience the “unity of village, man and animal”. Experience Dörentrup!

Have Fun Hiking!

The circular trail leads through the landscape park at the Pottkuhle. The three-hectare Pottkuhlenteiche pond was created from a former clay pit and has developed into an ecologically valuable biotope with high recreational and leisure value.

The path leads practically without gradients on well passable gravel paths around the small lake and always allows beautiful views of the water landscape, which is always enriched by animals such as ducks, geese or fish. Resting benches invite you to rest and linger. The passage along the Mühlingsbach stream is also scenic.

The path is suitable for prams.

The Schwelentruper Höhenweg reaches the Steinberg, a former rocket station with an altitude of 396 m, via idyllic sunken paths. The Alt-Sternberg rampart is on the way. Further on you have wonderful views as far as the Teutobuger Forest.

As the name of the almost 9 km long trail already suggests, it goes quite high up here, even to the highest point of the community of Dörentrup, the Steinberg. The very varied and panoramic hiking trail leads on the one hand through the village of Schwelentrup, along an old postal route, past the oldest house in the village and the dull oak tree, the symbol of Krusfeld. On the other side, the trail leads through fields and meadows as well as through woodland up to the Steinberg, a former and now renaturalised military station. From here you have a wonderful 360° view, with a little luck even up to the Hermann and Kaiser-Wilhelm monument.

As the path has some climbs, it requires some fitness.

The path runs over the Löhlberg, Blomenstein, from where you have a wide view over the municipal area, and finally over the Lühberg.

The 8.4 kilometre long circular trail leads through forest and meadows around the Lühberg. Quiet forest passages alternate with panoramic trails offering magnificent panoramic views of the Lippe region. The A1 requires a little fitness due to the long ascent to the hamlet of Blomenstein. With the exception of one section of the road, it is also suitable for prams. However, this section can easily be avoided if you stay on the asphalt road when climbing to Blomenstein instead of turning left into the forest. The paths converge again in the small hamlet on the hilltop. This variant is recommended for all hikers in wet weather.