Day hikes in Horn-Bad Meinberg

With our day hikes in Horn-Bad Meinberg you will discover the 80 million year old Externsteine. A 40 m high rock formation that is the great gate in the Teutoburger Wald,

on the former Reichstrasse between the Rhine and the Oder. Experience the triad of yoga, moor and Externsteine. Experience Horn-Bad Meinberg!

Have Fun Hiking!

The history of the town of Horn- Bad Meinberg is closely rooted in the healing sulphur moor, which is still mined in Bad Meinberg today. Find out more about mire construction, its use in the healing sector and the sustainable reconstruction of mire habitats worthy of protection.

– Moor (Moor experience path)
– Count (Count Simon-August to the Lippe Monument)
– Stern (Stern Health Centre)
– Emperor (Kaiser-Wilhelm monument)
– Alley

The longest hike takes you to the east of Bad Meinberg. Through forests you will walk to the bird and nature reserve Norderteich, the “Lippische Meer”. On your way you will find the Silvaticum, a national forest park with forest landscapes from all over the world.

The tour is dedicated to relaxation and yoga. You will learn breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation postures at four idyllic locations in the forest or at vantage points with a wide view of the Lippe mountains and hills. This will help you to find peace and quiet in everyday life and reduce stress.

A discovery hiking route through the town of Bad Meinberg, which begins in the Historic Spa Park at the Temple of the Fountain.