Welcome to Lippe – Land des Hermann

Discover the beauty and diversity in Lippe, of the “Land des Hermann”: fron the Senne region at the southern end of the “Teutoburger Wald” up to the Weser River bend and from the Lippe mountains in the east to the flatlands and hills in the west. The “Hermannsdenkmal” monument and the “Externstein” rock formation are the most well-known cultural and tourist highlights, though are by no means the only ones. The heights of the “Teutoburger Wald”, “Eggegebirge” and “Weserbergland” appear like the spine of a green dragon’s back. Dense beech and spruce forests, grass-covered valleys and unusal rock formations characterise this striking highland landscape. Pay a visit to the numerous museums and additional cultural institutions and get acquainted with our Lippe and the region around it.

The “LWLFreilichtmuseum” Open-Air Museum and Regional Museum in Detmold “Landesmuseum” as well as the Westphalian Brickyard Industry Museum in Lage “LWL-Industrie Museum”, Open-Air Archaeological Museum “Archäologisches Freilichtmuseum” in Oerlinghausen and the Weser Renaissance Museum “Weser Renaissance Museum” in Brake Castle are popular day trip destination. Lippe is on the way to becoming a first-class hiking region officially recognides by the German Hikking Association “Wanderbares Deutschland Qualitätswanderregion”. What’s more, “Land des Hermann” is perfect for cycling. Cycling routes that go one for kilometers await you in our region.

Experience the Land des Hermann in all its diversity!